NIAB - National Institute of Agricultural Botany

A database of validated KASPar SNP marker assays

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Marker assays currently available:

By trait

  1. Determinancy of flowering (1)
  2. Marker (11700)

By map position:

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NV490 x NV512 linkage map [view larger]

NV640 x NV293 linkage map [view larger]

NV13 x Memphis linkage map [view larger]

BPL10/Albus linkage map [view larger]

Vf6 x Vf27 linkage map [view larger]
(after Ellwood et al (2008) BMC Genomics 9:380)

All assays presented here are public domain SNPs or INDELs validated for the purposes of MAS in a UK/European context using the KASPAR dual-colour fluorescence allele-specific amplification chemistry developed by LGC.