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Assay information: Vf_Mt5g099170_SSR001

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Narrative 85 SSR markers mined from Vicia faba "Albus" and V. faba "BPL10"
References NA
Map NA
Linkage Group unassigned
Chromosome unknown
cM position 0
Assay ID PCGIN_SSR_set
Assay Name Vf_Mt5g099170_SSR001
Reference Allele Sequences
Sequence ID Allele Phenotype
contig15520 169 NA
contig11764 175 NA
NA 181 NA
NA 187 NA
NA 193 NA
NA 210 NA
NA 216 66
Polymorphism sequence CCGGTG
Reference allele sequence alignment
Validation plot
Genotype data
Accession Name Other Ref Genotype call (with filter) Reference sample of known genotype
NV150 216
NV639 175
NV643 193
NV646 187
NV648 181
NV657 187
NV660 187
NV690 NA
NV922 210
NV923 216