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Welcome to The Vicia Toolbox!

This website is aimed at researchers and breeders who are interested in developing community resources and collaborative research with the goal of genetic improvement of faba bean (Vicia faba L.).

Planned content of this site includes:

This page is under construction and we would very much appreciate your feedback and assistance in populating these pages.

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The future content of this site depends on what you, the community, wants it to host!

Please help build a dynamic and co-operative faba bean community by taking a moment to post your suggestions for what might be the most useful next steps.


Though founded and hosted by NIAB, Cambridge, UK, this website is intended to become a true community portal, where data and knowledge resources which can be freely shared are brought together in a logical and accessible form. Thanks to the creators of The Hordeum Toolbox for providing a template for the development of this resource!